Sunday, 6 March 2016

It's March Already

Well, here we are in March already and I really don't know where January and February went! This year seems to be flying by already. Aside from another rotten lupus flare, this year is shaping up to be a pretty good one. We are really making an effort to make the most of our lives in spite of my health letting me down! We went on a city break to Vienna and the end of January and then I took James to Venice for his birthday. I figured he already had pretty much all the stuff he wants and the house is cluttered as it so I thought a city break would be a lovely gift. We were really lucky with our hotel and ended up right by the Rialto bridge with this view from our room! How fabulous.

We went for three nights and absolutely loved it....would be fantastic to have a little shop there. We took a trip over to Murano and Burano which we loved and also enjoyed many a glass of wine by the canal just admiring the view and relaxing.

In amongst all this jetting we have been working very hard on our Etsy shop and on our little business. We had an absolutely fantastic couple of months of sales in November and December and were really worried things would totally drop off in January and February. Although we haven't done as well, which is to be expected, we were thrilled to have a fantastic January and February too and have been working very hard on new ideas and designs. We have been developing our metal stamped range behind the scenes and will have lots of new things over the coming weeks. We have also had a delivery of gorgeous gemstones and here are some of our latest additions......

Silver Raw Amethyst Necklace
Amethyst is February's birthstone and we just had to have some new amethyst in stock to mark February! Here is one of our newest amethyst pieces, raw amethyst chunky necklaces. We have had the gold version in stock for a while now....but now have the silver one too. I just love amethyst, it's so beautiful. 

Blue Druzy Geode Necklace

Gorgeous Druzy Geode Necklace

Druzy is very popular at the moment and these cute little druzy geode necklaces are no exception. I just adore these and keep helping myself to them when they arrive. I have a purple one and a green one and think I am going to have to add a blue to my own collection. They really are absolutely stunning.

Blue Agate Slice Necklace
Last, but not least are the agate slices. These are a new addition to our shop and I have loads that I really need to make up in to necklaces and photograph them for our shop.

I guess I should get on with doing the photos and listings....first of course, I will pop over to Lucy Blossom Crafts and join in with Handmade Monday. Have a great week xxx


  1. What gorgeous necklaces!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time away, what a lovely memory xx

  2. You make such beautiful things! Glad your trip was good, Venice is on my "one day" list - it looks beautiful.

  3. Dropping by from Handmade Monday and those amethyst necklaces look incredible. Yay for visiting Murano, I bought one of my all time favourite necklaces there. Hope your travels are bringing you better health too - Chris :D

  4. Your jewellery is fantastic, just stunning

  5. My parents visited Venice last year and fell in love with it. Thanks for sharing those photos. Your jewellery looks so beautiful!