Monday, 15 February 2016

Valentines and Vienna

Well, it is a cold Monday morning here in Manchester following a lovely weekend. We spent the last week making up more druzy jewellery like these pretty druzy heart necklaces and photographing them for our Etsy shop. We are always trying to add new things to our shop so we end up having mammoth photography sessions with pieces we have made and then adding a few pieces a day for a few days. It is important to keep our shop looking fresh and new as we don't want our customers getting bored......and any excuse to keep buying beads and stones to make new stuff!

We have been really lucky with our Etsy shop and it is continuing to go from strength to strength. We were worried that we would end up having a quiet January and February after an amaaaaaazing few pre Christmas months but thankfully we are still doing well. We have worked really hard on the shop and spend hours on our business every day.  Hopefully this will be the year that at least one of us can give up work and do PoppyKittenDesigns full's a dream for us to be able to both work on our shop full time and have a gorgeous motor home to travel the country doing fairs and shows and meeting people.

Both of us love travelling and seeing new places. We recently treated ourselves to a long weekend in Vienna.....and the first place we stumbled across was a cat cafe! What an amazing idea. It is run by a Japanese lady who says that cat cafes are all the rage in Japan, particularly Tokyo, as so many people live in flats and cannot have pets. The cat cafes enable people to spend time with the cats and stroke them whilst relaxing over coffee and cake. Perfect! Sadly, I don't there is much call for a cat cafe here in Stockport though.

We also took a trip to the famous Hotel Sacher and home to the sachertorte. Cake is one of the great simple pleasures in life and we ended up having far too much of it!

On the last evening we went to the gorgeous St Anna's Church, Annakirche, to listen to a string quartet playing Mozart and Beethoven. I don't really know much about classical music but it really was a lovely setting and the music sounded fantastic. I think I will learn more about it this year as I did find listening to it very relaxing. I absolutely love churches too and always try and light a candle for my Nana when I go into one. St Anna's Church was no exception, absolutely stunning!

We very much seem to have the travel bug at the moment! It is James's birthday this week and I have treated him to a weekend away in Venice. The house is crammed full of junk so I figured he didn't need any more stuff and went for a city break as a gift instead.......somewhere I wanted to go to myself of course ;) 

Anyway, with holidays on the horizon I really ought to get on with our weekend's orders and get to the Post Office - on foot to try and burn off some of the cake calories. Will just have a quick trip over to Handmade Monday then time for work! Have a great week xxx


  1. It's a great thing to travel, and a much better gift than 'things'
    It's really great that your shop is doing so well, I'm not surprised, your jewellery is lovely. I'm sure you will realise your dream on day soon :)

  2. Vienna is beautiful and yes the cakes are so divine.

  3. Beautiful necklaces, they are so pretty.