Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Photographing Products

Rose Quartz Triangle Gold Necklace

For a long time I have found it very difficult to photograph my work well enough. I am really working hard on building my Poppy Kitten Designs Easy Shop this year. Top of the list for improving is photography.....it is the first thing potential customers see and what will make them decide in a split second to click or move on. I decided to try and find a more interesting way of photographing my work....I need to think of a way to grab people's attention, show the item off to it best, yet be clear about the product at the same time. I decided to have a go at my rose quartz jewellery first.....it feels a bit like spring this morning in Manchester so I picked some of my rose quartz, pastel pink necklaces to practice some 'arty' shots with. 

Here are the results...... (I am going to pop over to Handmade Monday and then keep practising) 

Rose Quartz Bullet Silver Necklace

Pretty in Pink

Rose Quartz Triangle Silver Necklace

Pink Druzy Silver Necklace


  1. I love all your pieces. I think the rose quartz bullet necklace is my favourite picture. I think you have to be slightly careful about using the rosebud heads as sometimes it looks like they're floating in the air (at least to me) Have you considered using a single rose with its stem? Maybe you could nestle some jewellery on top of a bunch of roses?

  2. So pretty and think rose quartz is one of the most beautiful stones. I agree with Vicky try using a larger single stem rose.