Sunday, 22 February 2015

Etsy Sales, Online Selling and Dexter the Cat.

Gemstone Bullet Necklaces

Good evening on a very cold Sunday evening here in Manchester. I have had a reasonably good week - I have been on annual leave from the day job and was supposed to go down to Devon, but unfortunately my lupus had other it turned into a week at home. Luckily I have been doing quite well in my Etsy shop and had a few sales this week to cheer me up, otherwise I think I would have been really miserable. The amethyst slices that I made and posted about last week on Handmade Monday did really well online and I only have 2 left. I love it when that's such a boost - especially at this cold and dark time of year. 
I am loving my funky shaped gemstones at the moment and have added the gemstone pendulum bullet necklaces to my range this week. I have strung these ones on silver plated chain but I think I will see if I can get some more of these pendulum shaped gemstones and put them onto gold plated too. I hope these are popular too.

Packing up a turquoise cat to go to America
I love my little Etsy shop, it's my baby (as well as the other 3 fur babies). I get so excited and such a buzz when I get a sale on it. I have been working really hard trying to promote it lately as I just love creating things and selling them but feel totally drained by craft fairs. I still enjoy fairs but only carefully selected ones.....and not outdoor ones at this time of year! It's freezing!!!
I really want my Etsy shop to be a huge success. I think it is important to make a good first impression so I put a lot of effort into packaging to make it look lovely. I wrap my pieces in tissue paper (unless is is Murano glass, which is gift boxed) with a little 'Poppy Designs' sticker and then pop it into an organza gift bag with some love hearts and a thank you tag.

Poppy Designs parcel
I then pop the package into bubble wrap and into a padded envelope - which I 'seal' with a paw print sticker on the back. I hope my customers like it.

I have even treated myself to a new notebook to write my Etsy sales down in (I am trying to keep on top of my tax return as I go this year - rather than a huge panic at the last minute). Of course, I had to have beautiful Dexter sitting in the poppies as my cover print!
New book for Etsy orders
In other news, it was James's birthday last week and one of his gifts from me was this giant beanbag, pictured below. He hasn't had much of a chance to sit on it as these two have decided they like it!

Anyway, I am going to have a nice. cold glass of Pinot now and settle down to Kirstie Allsop's Vintage Homes which I have recorded on TiVo.......have a lovely week and thank you for reading my blog xxx


  1. What a shame you didn't manage to get down to Devon. Congratulations on your etsy sales I can see how it would be a real boost. It helps to know you are doing things right. I can see James will be sharing his new present!! Enjoy your Pinot :)

  2. I think it makes all the difference to receive a beautifully wrapped purchase, I'm sure your customers appreciate it. Hope you're feeling a bit better now. Xx

  3. Packaging is so important (I've discovered) I think the idea of adding Love hearts into your package is really sweet. Congratulations on getting some etsy sales too.

  4. How lovely yo have some Etsy sales, always cheers me up:)! Hope you feel better soon, and enjoy your wine:)

  5. I love your packaging ideas, I'm sure they feel really special to receive.
    I like to record all Kirsty Allsop's programs and watch them later, so I can fast forward all the adverts and repetitive bits before and after each advert break - is that really bad? It does mean I can watch a 1 hour program in about 40 minutes!

  6. I like the idea of the thank you card and lovehearts. I pop in one of my business cards, but you have made me think I should maybe redesign and add the words thank you.

  7. I always give a gift and thank you card with a sale, makes you stand out from other sellers and particularly to an American buyer they do appreciate you going that 1 step further.

    Love your pendants so pretty

  8. I love packaging. I always think that when someone orders from me I want it to feel like they are receiving a present in the post!

  9. Sorry you couldn't get to Devon, I'm glad you had a productive week tho and we'll don't on your sales!! Xx

  10. Sorry you couldn't get to Devon, I'm glad you had a productive week tho and we'll don't on your sales!! Xx

  11. Great to hear that sales have been going well for you, your new bullet necklaces are gorgeous so i'm sure they'll be flying out of your shop too! x