Friday, 30 January 2015

Snowy Friday


Well, it has been a snowy couple of days here in Manchester. My cats have ventured outside for the first time this morning.....and it is the first time they have seen the snow. Poppy refused to come any further than the back door and watched the other two from there. Maisie got a bit of a shock when she first dipped her paw into the snow and refused to walk in it, opting instead to walk along the top of the planters (and losing her balance). Dexter wasn't convinced either!

I must say I quite like the snow, as in looking at it. I hate having to drive in it. I am hoping for more snow over the weekend so I can wrap up warm and go for a nice long walk in it, maybe to Bramhall Park which is one of my favourite places in the world. 

I have made some new creations which I am going to spend this afternoon and evening listing in my Poppy Designs Etsy Shop :

Bow necklaces in gold plated, antique silver and rose gold plated

Drusy agate necklaces

Drusy agate necklaces

Happy Friday

Well, I have just discovered Happy Friday where we pick one special moment that made us smile and talk about it on our blog. I think it's a lovely idea and am more than happy to take part. The only difficulty is picking which happy moment to post about! I am quite a happy person most of the time....but I think most of my happy moments that spring immediately to mind involve my animals. I am an enormous animal lover and have 3 gorgeous little cats (I still miss my first ever cat, my beautiful Sandy who died in November 2012). I would love one day to have a whole host of animals, I would love a cockapoo and a few rescue donkeys and a tree full of owls..........
Anyway, I am getting distracted.....Here are some pictures of my cats that have made me smile, I mustn't have favourites, so I have picked a couple of pictures of each animal......

Dexter in the poppies.....I love him and I love poppies, so this is probably my favourite photo of him

Naughty little Poppy....looking shocked at the damage to my leather dining chair  - forgetting the fact that her claws are partially responsible for the state of that chair!

Poppy loves sitting with me whist I am creating....and I love her being with me.

My beautiful and much missed Sandy.....sitting on our balcony in Sheffield where I lived as a student. She was my best ever friend. 

How cute.....Maisie the kitten cuddling up to big sister Poppy

Poppy, Maisie and Dexter.....the only ever time they have all cuddled up together

Not sure Dexter is as amused as I am by this

Maisie losing her footing whilst trying not to step in the snow! Taken this morning, the first ever time she has seen snow!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Belated Happy New Year

semi precious gemstone cat necklaces 

Well, it's a belated Happy New Year from Poppy Designs. I didn't realise how long it was since I blogged until today.....things have been quite busy at Poppy Designs HQ. 

I have been very busy with new creations, both for the pre Christmas shows and for 2015. I love coming up with new things and I think keeping my Etsy shop and Facebook page looking fresh is more interesting for customers to look at. 

vintage style copper and czech glass earrings
 I added a new range of vintage inspired/copper charm jewellery for 2014. These have been extremely popular, especially at the summer and autumn shows. My charm bracelets did so well that I sold out and haven't had the time yet to replenish my stock.  It's definitely on my to do list.

copper pine cone and czech glass earrings

One of my favourite events last year was at the Knutsford Christmas Market. We have exhibited here the last 2 years and it is one of our best events of the year, both sales wise and atmosphere wise. I really hope to be accepted for 2015 again. As I have said for the past few years I have been increasingly selective about the events I attend. Unfortunately it seems that there are more and more 'craft' fairs popping up of variable quality. Much as we enjoyed the huge events at SECC and NEC  I don't think we will do those events again this year. We did reasonably well at both the huge events, but not as well as we had hoped - mainly due to the huge physical, emotional and financial outlay and the amount of other jewellery and 'bought in' stalls.

Anyway, I don't want to start off my 2015 blog with a rant (lol) so I am off to make a start on my to do list....first up, sort and tidy the studio........that is, after I have popped over to Handmade Monday at it's new home to rejoin the group x