Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hearts and Flowers

 Well it's that time of the week again when the lovely Wendy at Handmade Harbour gets everyone together for Handmade Monday to see what we have all been up to over the previous week.

I have had quite an unproductive week as far as crafting has gone. I had a bad reaction to one of my lupus meds so spent 4 days feeling so sick I had to lie down. Thankfully I have felt a lot better the last day or so and managed to get some photos taken for my new website. I was hoping to have got a lot more done as I am being promoted over at British Crafters this week and wanted to have lots of things all ready in my Etsy shop. Tomorrow the theme is 'Hearts and Flowers' so I have selected an item from my shop that fits the theme and sent my link over to Dottie who will do the promotion. It is the first time I have done something like this so am excited to see how it all goes.
 I have included a couple of photos of my Murano heart earrings to this week's Handmade Monday blog post seeing as Valentine's Day is approaching. These cute Murano hearts and Swarovski crystals look so pretty I think? Murano glass jewellery always seems to do well at craft fairs as I think people can recognise the quality of the glass ad the colours are just stunning.

Anyway, it's just a short blog post from me this week as I have to try and catch up with all the time I have lost this week whilst sick. I will leave you all with a picture of Maisie the kitten that I took this morning. She is getting more beautiful by the day I think and her coat colour is so unusual. Have a great week everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my blog xxxx

Maisie surveying her territory!


  1. Oh, it's so rubbish being ill, isn't it? Hope you are fighting fit now or if not then very soon! Love the heart jewellery and what a lovely kitten pic!

  2. Good luck with the promotion thing - I've not tried it either. Hope you feel better, chronic conditions are just no fun at all.

  3. Aww i'm sorry you've been feeling so poorly this week, i'm glad you're on the mend now x

    Your earrings are gorgeous, i love murano glass, the colours are so vibrant aren't they! x

  4. I think your Murano earrings are stunning. I wonder if I have enough money to make a cheeky purchase. Maybe I will have to check. Saying hi from Handmade Monday!

  5. Maisie is beautiful and what a lovely picture!
    Lesley & Ray
    Bath Bomb Creations & Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium

  6. Beautiful heart earrings, sorry you have been unwell, hopefully you'll feel better soon.

  7. What lovely earrings and so perfect for this up and coming Valentines Day.

    Jan x