Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Maisie the Kitten......and my new bridal jewellery

 Maisie the Kitten

Well good afternoon on this horrible rainy Tuesday here in Manchester! Although it's absolutely pouring down outside I am blissfully happy indoors with my new kitten.....little Maisie. Isn't she beautiful? I saw her picture in Gumtree and just fell in love with her.....I guess this is a prime example of why looking at adverts of homeless animals is a bad thing.....you end up wanting them all! Anyway, we collected her last weekend and she is now 9 weeks old. I am completely in love with her...she's absolutely adorable. I have always wanted a little tabby kitten. She's so bold and confident and super playful (and greedy). She reminds me very much of my Sandy when she was a kitten....very similar in personality indeed. My existing 2 cats have taken to her really well. Dexter was fine straightaway and was eager to play with her. He is probably about 10 months - a year old now (he was a rescue kitten so not sure exactly how old he was when we found him). He has been so sweet....he chases Maisie but away of her tiny size, jumps over her when he catches her, rather than maul her and fight like he does with Poppy. We have had a couple of minor incidents where he has forgotten himself and got carried away in the excitement and got a bit rough but apart from that...all is good. Poppy, who will be 2 in August, took a day or so longer to come round but by Tuesday evening they were all sleeping on the bed together : 

 ....and her and Poppy even sat on the couch together watching tv :

....and my new bridal jewellery

Poppy Designs Bridal Range

 ....and almost as an aside after my beautiful little kitten.....I have spent quite a while lately creating a bridal range. I think I shall do a seperate blog post about it later in the week as let's face it.....there's nothing more beautiful than an 8 week old kitten! lol! Here is a picture of my first creations : tiaras, headbands and combs. I have used mainly pearls and Swarovski crystals to create these pieces. They are surprisingly difficult to photograph so I will invest some energy into getting some good pictures and will post in more detail later in the week......

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