Monday, 13 May 2013

Craft Fair Displays and Making Friends with Animals

I have been exhibiting at craft fairs and shows for quite a while now yet I still feel that I haven't got my display 'just right'. Over what I call the winter break (I do not do fairs from Christmas until April) I spent a lot of time thinking about how to make the most out of my display. The cost of the table space seems to be on the increase and there is no doubt those sales are harder and harder to come by, so I decided to make the most of my display space. I think lots of height and levels make the stall more interesting to the public. I have my acrylic cube displays at each end of the stall (I used to have a big cube display in the centre of my stand but found that it was harder to interact and engage with people from behind a huge display) and then a tiered section in the middle. This is the first time I have tried this set up and it seems to work. I suppose time will tell whether or not the display is attracting people over to look at all my goodies. 

Cute chickens

Me with Sandy and Ginger the chickens!

Last weekend, complete with new display, I exhibited at Capesthorne Hall. One of my best friends lives nearby so I called in after the fair to visit him and his new pets - 8 chickens! I had no idea chickens were so friendly. The one I am holding is called Sandy! (I thought for a moment that Adrian had named her after my beloved and much missed SandyCat.....but apparently she already had the name). Anyway, my friend and his boyfriend have created this fantastic allotment where they are growing all their own vegetables and have these friendly chickens as pets.......I have been assured that these ARE pets and used only to lay eggs. I have been totally put off eating chicken now after stroking these sweet little animals.

Chickens aren't the only animals I have picked up for the first time this week either. I paid another very dear friend a visit last night and she has just got 2 baby rabbits : Humbug and Domino.....
Beautiful Baby Bunny 

 .....I now don't want to give my cats rabbit cat food! lol! Speaking of my cats, whilst I am posting lots of animal pics here are a couple of my two furbabies :

Poppy helping me with my creations

Dexter - was actually sitting on the back of my chair overseeing my designs!

Seeing as it is supposed to be Handmade Monday, as always organised by the fabulous Wendy over at Handmade Harbour I guess I should post a couple of photos of my makes this week! I have always used Swarovski crystals ever since I started making jewellery and they feature in some way, shape or form in pretty much ALL my designs. I just love the fact I even had Swarovski crystals on my wedding dress when I got married last year. I have just started expanding into hair pieces etc so here is a photo of my first go at headbands with sparkling Swarovski crystals

....on that note I am off to read what all the other participants of Handmade Monday have been up to with a nice coffee and a rest......... xxxx


  1. Pretty headbands, I really like them, and your stall display looks very effective too. Fingers crossed that it works for you.
    Chickens are the most wonderful pets! They all have their own personalities and can become very tame. I have 7 bantams and adore them. xxx

  2. I love the headbands, really pretty!

  3. Your display looks fantastic. I have only done a few fairs, but sometimes been amazed at the tiny size of the table top. Other crafters seem to have such imaginative displays.

  4. Your display looks really good - though I agree it is trial and error as to what attracts people. Hope Capesthorne was good - I've done a few shows there, too. Most of my chickens are quite friendly too - two of them were hand-reared from being tiny chicks by my daughter. Not convinced that made a difference as Mary Jane, the most timid one of all, was one of them.

  5. Those headbands are lovely - they really will sparkle. I particularly like the red one - it really stands out.

  6. Beautiful headbands, I wish I could get away with one. Your table display looks lovely too, I'm sure it'll bring people to your stall. I hope your having a good week (I'm a bit late on viewing the second half of Handmade Monday blogs this week :-) )